Accessing our Services

Strengthening enterprise development in all regions to adapt to a challenging market environment, and on maximising job retention and creation is the central focus for the LEAD.

Our response refects the varying needs and opportunities of enterprise and encompasses working directly with companies.

Our Development Advisers have sectoral expertise and are experienced in working with companies through all stages of the business development - from start-up, to established small and medium-sized enterprises, right through to large companies with the ability to achieve significant scale.

Your Development Adviser is responsible for assessing your business needs and agreeing with you how Local Enterprise and Association Development might best be able to help. Your Development Adviser can make introductions to other specialists within Local Enterprise and Association Development, such as:

  • In-Market Advisers
  • Technology Advisers
  • Human Resource Development Advisers

If you are not currently a client of Local Enterprise and Association Development and you do not have an assigned Development Adviser, you should contact Us to ascertain your company's eligibility for Local Enterprise and Association Development support.