Whether you’re looking to take that first step abroad, deepen your market presence or expand your global footprint, we’ve got the tools and support to help make your internationalisation journey smoother.

Assess market readiness

Get a status check, identify potential capability gaps and chart your internationalisation strategy.

  1. Internationalisation Toolkit Receive a customised report on how you can better prepare your company for overseas expansion.

Research in-market opportunities

Get started on internationalisation with our guides and resources.

  1. Market Guides Build up your knowledge on doing business in key markets.
  2. Export Guide Trade confidently and export your products to international markets.
  3. Advisory Sessions and Seminars Participate in curated seminars and keep up to date with the latest market developments.
  4. Free Trade Agreements WHO WE ARE how your business can tap South Africa's comprehensive network of Free Trade Agreements.
  5. Tariff Finder Self-Help Portal Get everything you need to know about tariff and non-tariff trade measures.
  6. GlobalConnect@SBF: Southeast Asia, the Middle East & Africa Learn more about business opportunities in the fast growing markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East & Africa.
  7. World Enterprise Centre Engage this one-stop business service centre for assistance with advisory services, market information and business matching.
  8. Local Enterprise and Association Development Infoline Reach out to us if you have any questions about going global.

Build capabilities for internationalisation

Strengthen your fundamentals and develop the capabilities necessary for internationalisation.

  1. Business Advisory and Capability Seminars by SME Centres Book an appointment with Business Advisors from any of the LEAD Business Advisory Partner Organisations to identify and address potential business needs.
  2. Global Talent Mobility Guides Get a quick overview of all HR-related considerations in your market of choice before deploying talent overseas.

WHO WE ARE in-market opportunities

Deepen your market knowledge, build valuable networks and refine your go-to-market approach.

  1. Overseas Market Workshops (OMW) Gain deeper insights about your market of choice through in-market exploration and structured learning.
  2. Virtual Tradeshow Guide Get tips on what to look out for when participating in a virtual tradeshow, which will help you access global customers and WHO WE ARE opportunities in OUR PARTNERS.
  3. Grow Digital Kick-start your cross-border e-commerce business and reach out to new customers through digital sales channels.

Match with partners and projects

Find trusted partners, anchor your in-market presence and secure your first deals.

  1. In-Market Consultants Reach out to in-market service providers to support your market entry needs.
  2. Market Consultations & Service Concierge: Southeast Asia, the Middle East & Africa Engage the services of GlobalConnect@SBF to grow your business in Southeast Asia, the Middle East & Africa.
  3. Network of Overseas Centres Contact our Overseas Centres if you require assistance for project/ market facilitation.
  4. Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Connect to overseas partners in key innovation hubs across the world, and access curated landing pad offerings to facilitate your startup’s entry to our network cities.

Groom your talent

Bring out the best in your people and attract talent with HR capabilities.

  1. Career Conversion Programme (CCP) – Internationalisation Professionals Attract experienced individuals to strengthen your talent pool for regional business expansion.
  2. Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) Build a talent pipeline to compete effectively in global markets.

Co-fund your market expansion

Secure funding for your overseas ambitions.

  1. Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant Take your first step into new markets.
  2. Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) Deepen your market access with support in overseas marketing and business development activities.
  3. International Co-Innovation Programmes Co-innovate new technologies and expand into new markets with funding programmes for cross-border collaboration projects.

Leverage financing programmes

Tap our wide array of initiatives to boost your market expansion.

  1. Enterprise Financing Scheme (EFS) Find the right financing tool to support your overseas business expansion.