A Project for our Country

Welcome to the Human Capital Project (HCP), a national effort to accelerate more and better investments in people for greater equity and economic growth. In a post-COVID-19 pandemic world, it's even more important to understand why businesses should invest in human capital (HC) and protect hard-won gains from being eroded.

The HCP aims to protect and invest in people. The HCP shall provide a new definition of human capital and quantify the contribution of health and education to the productivity of the next generation of workers. It shall also increase policymakers’ awareness of the importance of investing in human capital, creating momentum for action. It shall also spurs demand for investments in human capital.

Find out why the LEAD, and partners are coming together to collectively addresses challenges through multisectoral action—a ‘whole-of-government/business’ approach—yielding results at scale.

Email Us at: hcp@lead.org.za