The LEAD’s ESD programme work can be categorized under four pillars of support:

Investment Opportunity Assessments
LEAD helps entrepreneurs understand market conditions and identify investment opportunities.

Structuring Funds and Financial Instruments
LEAD designs or structures blended finance funds, investment platforms, and other financial products.

Transaction Advisory Services
LEAD helps link capital suppliers to businesses that need investment to grow.

Technical Assistance
LEAD helps strengthen the commercial viability of a project at pre-or post-investment stages by developing the capabilities of fund managers or the businesses and projects in which they invest.

Our Vision

Supporting South African enterprises on their journey to achieving greater scale and to become global leaders in their field.

Our Mission

To accelerate the development of world-class South African companies to achieve leading positions in global markets.

Our Strategy: Leading in a Changing World

The LEAD focuses on a consistent integrated service provision with partners to deliver targeted initiatives to boost growth and productivity and scale start-ups and established companies with high growth potential. This means responding proactively to challenges businesses face such as access to funding, climate change, digitalisation, and changing trends in globalisation, while simultaneously acting in accordance with the Country's national economic strategy and its sustainable development goals.

Our future focuses: Entrepreneurship & Company Growth – Starting, Growing, Scaling

Business is becoming more complex due to current global geopolitical developments. Protectionism and industrial policy are becoming more widespread. This has resulted in even greater demand for business support instruments in the future.

For this reason, the LEAD is placing greater focus on Entrepreneurship & Company Growth – Starting, Growing, Scaling. We invest in and support the development of South African-owned companies on their journey to achieving greater scale and to become global leaders in their field. This provides a platform for strong economic growth, and creating and sustaining jobs in communities around the country.