EVERY BUSINESS IS ON A JOURNEY A journey of evolution. A journey of learning. A journey of growth.

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Transforming Enterprise Development Outcomes Through Collaborative Solutions

The local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) is an organisation dedicated to leveraging an ecosystem that enables businesses through systematic and effective collaboration to thrive and grow. We work in partnership with companies from all market sectors, from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to large organisations to create innovative, transformative and sustainable solutions backed with funding and grants to help them on their journey as they develop, grow and scale and expand their market footprint to transform South Africa’s economy and to ensure increased, sustainable job creation.

Here at the LEAD, we believe in a world where collaboration is the norm and all market sectors combine their resources through partnership at unprecedented scale to deliver true sustainable development.

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The Journey

Your journey to growing a competitive business starts with your ambition. To achieve scale, your product or service needs to solve a problem for customers, and your business needs to be agile and innovative to keep up with their changing needs.

The starting point in our journey together is a conversation about your business and your ambitions. Our development advisors are skilled at understanding a company's needs and challenges, and we’re ready to help in a range of different ways:

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